Friday, March 2, 2012

Justice for Rochel on this International Womens Month of March (ASAP)

When I heard the news about what happened to Rochel "Cesil" Geronda, a 14 years old 1st year student from Los Banos National Highschool and a sampaguita vendor, the first thing that appears to my mind is my eldest daughter Andria who is 12 years old right now and a student from Los Banos too.

Once I read it from my mobile phone, I told it to my husband who was with me that time having a dinner at Joes at Los Banos, Laguna just in front of Rochel school. I am sure my husband was so gross and can’t comprehend why it is happening, a 14 years old girl with so much life and with bright future ahead was brutally raped and killed by these sex maniacs and low life.

I remember last year when I covered Given Grace. A student from University of the Philippines at Los Banos (UPLB), Laguna. There’s even a vigil for days and lots of media attention. For sure it’s because she was a student from this prominent school, mga iskolar ng bayan. Now, with a story from my Victory Christian Fellowship groupmate Dewmaine, a teacher herself and isa ring Iskolar ng Bayan, even made me feel sorry for not only for Rochel but for the whole women and daughters in this world. To think March is the International Women's Month where last year, with the help of an international women's group, I conducted a forum about the rights of not only women but equality with notable speakers from the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP) President Elizabeth Angsioco to a student from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

So what’s this about sex and killing innocent children. I enjoy sex and yes it’s productive literally, I have twin daughters and don’t want to happen to them what happened to Given Grace,Rochel and to all woemn na inaabuso at inabuso. For some men, was it fulfilling or does it give them more joys and earthly greed when they raped and killed children?.

As into transparency and human rights, I would like to know if this is also about poverty; men who couldn’t afford to pay prostitutes resulted to just kidnapped, raped then killed kids. One questions too like if they were high on illegal drugs or something. Enforcement of the law and kamay na bakal ang kailangan na dito. I am ino death penalty anyway.

I am into death penalty to give model for those people who thinks they are God. And for now, I will stay this way, into awareness program and if possible could do something different in my own little way. I want to be the CHANGE, if lot’s of stalkers, haters and critics will arise, I don’t care. Justice for Rochel. Justice for Women.

With this view and for Rochel and for all women na kailangan ang pagkalinga ng bayan. With the help of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA and Do It Right advacocacy, I am organizing an event for this International Women's Month with the theme: Violence against women "Pagusapan at talakayin." This is an awareness program with our Homan Rights advocate and empowered women Ms. Elizabeth Angsioco to give the media insights about justice and also coming to participatemight be the Regional Director of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Justice for all women.

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