Tuesday, February 1, 2011


    Since the start of 2009 where then Congressman now a Senator of the Republic asked for a forum in Laguna with all the Laguna Mayors with their subordinates, Board members and officers went by, saw the need to help the countrymen. Philippines is compose of almost 92 million lives not to mention the inaccuracy of the survey from the warzone of mindanao and forest of cordillera.

   Awareness, open mindedness and attending seminars are the common source of what the problem is all about. The technology is so powerful that even those people you don't even remember will send a message to you and for you to recall, a long lost classmates and she's living in Europe now.

   Problem is a state of mind where there's anxiety, sleepless nights, confusion or even sometimes deadly. Come to think about the issues the government is facing today, Does one man without any intention to run for president with his own reason could solve all of it even with his very intellectual advisers? One at a time, I am sure it could or might happen but slowly and must be with good planners and good judgement.

    With the issue in the Philippines today, a lot of NGO's, private organizations and individuals are trying to help in their own little way, anyway, they are also part of this country and the majority of the population. One issue that the Philippines is facing tday are crimes, from kidnapping to carnapping. Solving the poverty is one answer to this problem only if the executive authority could have a will power to implement what is due. Money is the source of all eveil specially if you are working hard and yet the salary for the family is not yet enough. Problem arise when the basic needs cannot be sustained if not by the hard work more so by the government.

   Reproductive Health Bill since 1998 is pending under the congress though the six consolidated bills have been passed, it is just the beginning of the fight. Some said that it might solve the problem of poverty, good quality of life, empowerment for women, right to choose, prevention from sexually transmitted desease, education, availability of contraceptives to local office, choice to use between natural and modern way to get pregnant and prevention of abortion. For so many bills pending in the congress, this is one of the priorities of Pnoy which is strongly disagreed by the CBCP or the Catholic Church.

   Poverty is everywhere and can be feel by almost everyone. Twenty years ago, DKNY, Armani and Guess are common brands of clothing for one young professional with fifty thousand pesos for shopping at Greenbelt or Glorieta. Today worth 200 pesos jeans to 300 pesos is enough due to quality of living and value of money. and not to mention now, with his own family. Based from the studies ans statistics, population from 92 million for this 2011 will grow to 94 million for the next couple of years. Minimum children is 5 to 6 among the poor while two to upper class family.

   Working class individuals as of today with average salary of Eighty Thousand Pesos yearly with three children, attending a private school with Thirty Five Thousand pesos for the whole semester must need another means of living due to extra cost needed to satisfy the usual and extra need of the family. Quality of life depends on the standard of living and status of the individual. Demography is not the issue for population management. There are vast available land everywhere but owned by few and some are not livable. majority of the population in the Philippines are compose of poor people with a salary per day of 200 pesos to 350 pesos, jobs like carpentry, masonry, labor works, housekeeper, janitor or even our pilicemen. With this value of money for a day of work with five to six children per family, what kind of quality of life we could offer and not to mention layoffs from time to time.

   Tendency of the working slass individual or a small and medium enterprise is to get help from the bank by means of capital loan. with the capacity to pay and collateral which is usually a house or vacant lot, one will be approved for a certain amount or more or less 70 to 80 percent of the amount of the property. With the interest rate that is not tolerable that ranges from 10 percent to 24 percent, a medium class working citizen if not good with his financial management will become poorer because of the interest. Some banks which are own by the government dont give any shit about what happened to you after the loan has been released, whether you lost or no profit gained from the business venture or any reasons eventhough they are all true, their main point is the contract you signed and the penalty that you need to pay, no matter what, even you decided to file bankrupcy. The poor becomes poorer and no matter what is the situation, money will only make somebody to survive.

    Human beings tend to resist change. People are used to culture, usual ways, norms and tradition. With the modern technology, facebook, twitter and tablets, peope still dont have any idea abut it or doesnt want to learn new things. Complacent to usual and resistance to new. Mind conditioning is solution to this problem, giving all the benefits, advantages and explanations, one might understand and will accept eventually the new idea. Everything came from the need to survive, all idea are mostly from the problem that needs to solve and all information are based on experience or actual observation. From that experience, one will focus on the output in which is beneficial, advantageous and might satisfy the hunger within. What makes human human?, It is the need to survive no matter what will be the consequences.

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