Monday, April 11, 2011


When I first had the first interview through Twitter, attended rally from an invitation through Facebook and sharing my insights, dreams and voice through Blogspot, I knew from that moment that social digital media and activism is here to stay. For two years now, rally is never been the same way with the help of the World Wide Web, secrets revealed, champion’s quit or even vote? And a lot of organized groups have been established.
   Computer hardware’s a decade ago was 10 times expensive than today. It became smaller, thinner and the majority of the population is becoming aware about the social media. If even people whose income is below the poverty line could afford cell phone, does it mean in few more years everyone will have a laptop or even a tablet?
   Nothing is impossible nowadays, just like the inventions of mouse from Xerox, windows from Microsoft, ipad tablet from Apple and even cars run by gas and water from Toyota. With events and situations like persuading a higher government official, real time communication with senators and representatives, greetings, following or even send angry messages under 1 single click, the life of all people in 1 universe is not the same again.
   With the faster more effective way of communication and well, revolution, The Philippines could use this for democracy. There must never be a queue, no more red tape, no hypocrisy (is there a cyber hypocrites?), with the use of spelling check which I am using now and with the use of different programs like Excel, Picasa and Word programs, everything must be efficient.
   Cyber-activism is to encourage, empowered or influence a group of people and with the same advocacy, one step at a time, it could start a revolution. With the radical changes in information production which is power and that the Internet has introduced, we stand at an important moment of transition. Assignments from school is just 1 click away by means of Google and even some questions from the professor and even answers, if one is resourceful might be found inside the World Wide Web.
   The phenomenon of social production or multiplication is reshaping markets, way of living and individual’s minds, while at the same time offering new possibilities and opportunities to enhance individual freedom, cultural diversity, political discourse, and justice. With the use of social media, even the environment could be saved. From the internet “But these results are by no means inevitable: a systematic campaign to protect the entrenched industrial information economy of the last century threatens the promise of today’s emerging networked information environment.”
Cyber-activism might start a life changing revolution.

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