Thursday, April 7, 2011

Focus on facts with Dr. Martha Madison Campbell and Former Senator of the Republic

   I had the chance of meeting Dr. Martha Madison Campbell when I attended one conference at Asian Institute of Management (AIM) about Population. With her solid credentials as an international expert and Lecturer about Global Health at the University of California at Berkeley, with her soft voice but strong and confident stand about Reproductive Health together with the facts and issues she discussed, I cannot help myself to admire her and her husband. This is not just a profession but an advocacy, being everywhere or anywhere, the resorces and observations they did are exceptional. On the other hand, from the Facebook of Carlos Celdran, I read that his fellow San Agustinian, Rep. Anthony Golez "called the attention of the public to Pott’s alleged crimes. He demanded that  Potts must be deported for  insulting the Philippines by comparing it to  “super backward” Somalia  and for promoting abortion. which the author wrote " If I remember my lessons well, that’s what we call argumentum ad hominem where instead of answering the issues, a person attacks the character of the one he is arguing with".

   I went straight to Former Senator Vicente Paterno when I saw that he was available for some interview from one probinsyana and to have some souvenir photos with him. He told me that he was a Senator under the Marcos Administration who happen to be related to me and even told me that he had an often chit chat with the youngest son of he previous president who is now Senator Bong Bong Marcos.

   Thats his birthday and meeting those exeptional people is something and I could say a very overwhelming experienced to me. The former Senator sofly spoke with a smile to everyone with the help of his wood cane. The panels were all supporting the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill. There were many in attendance that were against the bill, there were catholic nuns and critics. Though majority there were all supporting the bill, there was no commotion or debate that happened.

   There were public figures like the former government official Rafael Alunan who is now connected with the Lopez Foundation. Writer, Reproductive Health advocate and chair of Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines Elizabeth Angsioco and some advocates like Mulat Pinoy, Writers Block, Filipino Freethinkers and walk ins who were all curious about the event.

   This is the awareness program I am pushing and I want to bring those people who could give the people of Laguna first hand information about the Reproductive Health Bill. Awareness is the key and Curiosity keeps us knowledgeable and concerned about the issues that we all are involve. One step at a time, as young we are and as experts like Dr. Martha Campbell and Dr. Potts, I am sure that we can do it, one step at a time. This is not for us but for the next generation.

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