Sunday, April 24, 2011


For 36 years, like a roller coaster, fast, colorful, wind brushed into your hair and with friction between the wheels and railings, will go up, down and sideways, the same as life. In the beginning like Genesis when everything is simple, unaware about the political issues, cost of raw materials, transportation need, advance technology and kids enrolled in a private school with tuition fees like in peak three, the feeling of being alive, far away from the civilization was a feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

   Rice fields converted to three storey’s commercial buildings, towering the rural area once a mountain is visible in front of thy house, where children could still play in the side of the road, people were jogging before sunrise, consumers were waiting for the opening of the trade. Rivers with clean water heavily flowing with fishes, clamps, shells and green grass all around. That's the old days, where everything is simple.

  As one becomes aware about what’s happening; lack of integrity, corruption, selfishness, crab mentality, killings, car napping, kidnapping, Reproductive Health Bill, Abortion and recession, the arena became the place for animals hungry for wordly satisfaction and material needs. never heard of the term "Bayanihan", it’s been for awhile and the challenges on how to survive is like survival of the fittest.

   War, famine, deaths, bombs, terrorism, different dubious religions and propaganda are everywhere, it's a reality where everyone are ignoring, thinking its just the way it is, feeling of complacent that everything will fall into place without doing anything to help one another or the country where one is living in. One cannot help but to think of ways to spread awareness, to show the benefits and advantages if everyone will be concerned, united and with cooperation. Hard to do it but nobody knows what will be the result, disappointed it may seem, trying is not hard to do, encouraging is a different equation.

  As time goes by and heartaches of sadness grows stronger as one struggle to survive from the majority of the population where everyone is just standing by and few are fighting for the truth and justice to win, Utopia will never be heard, music will never be the same and bamboo will still stood still as the wind blows everywhere for nobody is looking how gracefully the tree sways from the different direction of the wind.

   Life in this world is short, one never knows the time spend is done already. As one travel in this journey where the bamboo keeps on fighting from the storm and just swaying where the wind blows, a farmer keeps on planting for the next generation.

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