Sunday, April 24, 2011

Precious Moments

Every child has a toy and stories, for me I got Voltes V, trains, dolls and my mother’s stories. I love those dewy eyed, blonde curly hair dolls with whiter skin, maybe the colonial mentality strikes, where before, the whiter your skin, the prettier you are...but not today that I know what does it means.

As a child my mother gave me everything I imagined. Fortunate I am with clothes, toys and food I love. The same way I love to give to my every child request. I got a collection of Barbies when I was in high school, though I don’t play with them, I just love to have different multi-faced Barbie dolls but lost or broken when my kids started to play with them. We are three girls in the family, I got three daughters, my sister got two daughters while my younger sister have one boy. that's why pink and yellows are the most familiar color you can find in our home.

I love uber sweet, flowery and charming quotations you can find to hallmark cards with kids playing, praying, sharing or kissing. They are the "Precious Moments" art creations by Samuel Butcher, the artist. Got lot of it before, sent to my love ones. I have one doll which for me is the prettiest, a “precious moments” doll. With buttoned like nose, blonde curly hair but short and with dewy eyes. It’s still on display in my parent’s living room.

Little did I know it will be not the last time I will have vinyl dolls from “precious moments” and not to mention will be in Kalibo, Aklan where one of the resort and museum from the creator is located.

“Aklan Sampaguita Gardens Resort, Inc. is the brainchild of Samuel John Butcher, an American artist and creator of Precious Moments artworks that promote messages of loving, caring and sharing. Mr. Butcher, who owns Precious Moments Park in Carthage, Missouri, put his plans into action in December 2001 and in June 2003, the resort began commercial operations.
      Today, Sampaguita Gardens is recognized as a landmark in the Travel & Trade Industry, and provides employment for hundreds of Aklanons as well as training opportunities for Aklanons students and those from nearby provinces. “ –website
With  vinyl dolls and figurines for all occasions, I imagined Barbie dolls. But nothing will surpassed the talent of Sam Butcher with his all time cute art and drawings.

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