Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cyber- activist

   The E Power strikes again with Empowerment, Encouragement and Enrichment. With the accessible World Wide Web and whirlwind changing of direction of the minds not only of the wind due to Climate Change, Cyber-activist is growing not to mention the group with the same advocacy could change the decision of the higher ups. 

   Nothing is impossible nowadays, well we have Stilts “este” Stealth now right, ipad tablet from Steve Jobs, Galaxy from Samsung, and even cars run by gas and water from Toyota. With events and situations like persuading a higher government official, real time communication with senators and representatives, greetings anywhere in the world, following in twitter where you will have updates from your “hinahangaan na” celebrities or even send angry messages under 1 single click, the life of all people in 1 universe will never be the same again.

   With the faster more effective way of communication and well, revolution, The Philippines could use this for democracy. There must never be a queue, no more red tape, no hypocrisy (is there a cyber hypocrite?), with the use of spelling check which I am using now and with the use of different programs like Excel, Picasa, Adobe and Word programs, everything must be efficient.

   Cyber-activism is to encourage, empowered or influence a group of people and with the same advocacy, one step at a time, it could start a revolution. With the radical and whirlwind changes in information production or multiplication which is power and that the Internet has introduced, we stand at an important moment of transition where change is not constant. Assignments from school is just 1 click away by means of Google and even some questions from the professor and even answers, if one is resourceful, everything might be found inside the World Wide Web. Somebody did.

You are a cyber- activist if six, seven or “all of the above” of the following is applicable to you:
  • Spending almost half of your productive time in the net
  • Blogger using Tumbler, Blogspot, wordpress etc
  • Love to attend meet ups
  • Advocate
  • Have more than five groups in Facebook.
  • Have multiple accounts with different names or alias like tweetnirizal, digitalfilipino o SagadaSun.
  • Know anyone of these people Illac Diaz (Environment), Carlos Celdran (RH Bill and Tourism)..
  • Always at SM for Free Wifi kung walang pambayad sa mahal na kape
  • Loves Coffee shops para lang tumambay at makapagbukas ng FB at mag comment sa Twitter.
  • If feeling mo “out of place” ka na pag dimo nabuksan ang internet sa isang araw
  • If tumatakas ka sa trabaho just to go sa Rally.
  • If palagi mong na eencounter ang mga words at symbols  like Theist, Atheist, CBCP, Eye Ball, Blog, (#), (?),( Fuc*&^& H#@%,) Troll, nageefbi, laptop, watda!, wtf!, wth!, watdaeff!, eff or champions, CHR, Congress, Senado, apps.
  • You are aware now about what’s happening in the Politics, Environment or Willie Revilliame.
  • If dika makatulog hanggat di ka nakakapag comment sa na receive mo na updates status sa iphone, blackberry o kung ano ano pang mamahalin na wifi ready na telepono na naka connect sa FB or Twitter mo.
  • If comment ka ng comment sa lahat ng issue na nababasa mo.
  • If inuumaga kana sa pag ccomment at pagbababago bago ng status.
  • Kung feeling mo kaya mong baguhin ang mundo
  • If naintindihan mo ibig kong sabihin sa lahat ng sinabi ko.

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