Monday, August 5, 2013

Oriang by Cafe De Bonifacio: A local and revolutionary taste for our heart by Odessa Escaler

Oriang by Cafe De Bonifacio is the new restaurant at Market Market Fiesta at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. A soft spot in our heart with a revolutionary taste to crave for. Less than 8 months old, Oriang captures the heart of Filipinos, it's more like going back to our home in the province with a native or local “ulam” waiting for us cooked by our parents or grandparents. It's like na “Ratatoille” ka with the delicious array of local dishes Oriang is offering.

Oriang by Cafe De Bonifacio at Market Market

Enjoying with Pandan Drink and Oriang Okoy

Gregoria de Jesús, also known as Aling Oriang was the founder and vice-president of the women's chapter of the Katipunan of the Philippines.She was also the custodian of the documents and seal of the Katipunan. She married Andrés Bonifacio, the supremo of the Katipunan, and played a major role in the Philippine Revolution. A loving wife after her husband was ambushed became more empowered and proved her leadership as she leads the revolution even as a woman. For those people behind Oriang restaurant who admires the bravery of Andres Bonifacio and his wife, Oriang is just fit for the revolutionary taste of Filipinos with a twist.

Ferdinand “Mok” Olarte, the Operations Director prepared my team with delicious food at Oriang last August 1, 2013. The ambiance and friendly smiles of the people at Oriang not only captured our heart but will make you think ahead for another scheduled meal at this place and this time with our own family and friends.

I am just always craving with our local Okoy and when Oriang served their very own version of Oriang Okoy, I took the spicy vinegar at the table and digged in right away. 

Oriang Okoy is a crispy pancake with tiny shrimps. Holding the crunchy shrimps together is a special batter made from sweet potato and squash. A new twist with the usual Okoy.

The rice Oriang served was Tuyo Fried Rice. A more tasteful of course from the usual Plain Rice. 

With rice being the center in the Filipino meal, Oriang let us feast on Oriang Tuyo Rice generously with dried “Tuyo” and loads of garlic served with all-time Filipino favorites like Pinakbet with Liempo & Chicharon, Boneless Bistek Bangus and Chicken Inasal with pickled shallots. it was a deletable dinner meeting for my group. We always like our very own dishes.

Pinakbet with Liempo and Chicharon

Boneless Bistek Bangus

Chicken Inasal with Pickled Shallots

Palitaw with Ube Halaya was the dessert, two in one while drinking Pandan Iced Tea .

Oriang is located at the Fiesta Market outside Market Market! Market! in Taguig City. It is available for reservation, and is open from Monday to Sunday, from 11am to 12 midnight. For more information, call (02) 625-0597 and like the Oriang Facebook page.

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