Monday, August 5, 2013

Zoomanity Group: Getting ready for Mali. Celebrities: Mali needs a vacation

Chief Executive Officer of Zoomanity Group and President of the Yupangco Group of Companies, Robert Laurel Yupangco who was at the cover of Magazine for being the CEO at age 24 and the grandson of former President of the Philippines Jose P. Laurel is getting ready for the well love elephant and not to mention the controversial specie from Manila Zoo named Mali. 

Robert L. Yupangco- CEO of  Zoomanity Group

"We have started talks with planners to design the sanctuary of Mali, taking into account her physical condition and her space requirements. We will provide her with adequate food, shelter and a vast enclosure. 30- 50 hectares will be allocated to Mali in a forfeited area which will simulate her natural habitat." According to Zoomanity Group reply to the questions I sent to Robert Yupangco.

Mayor Joseph "Erap"  Estrada of Manila granted Yupangco request to transfer Mali temporarily to his Zoobic Safari Theme Park at Zambales inside the Subic Freefort Zone. Zoobic Safari is composed of 50 hectares of land while Robert Yupangco is expert in taking care of animals. Zoomanity group owned 6 Theme Parks in the Philippines; Zoobic Safari at Subic, Zoocobia at Clark Pampanga, Paradizoo at Mendez Cavite, Residence Inn at Tagaytay and Zoocolate Thrills at Loboc Bohol. 

"The issue of Mali has attracted both national and international attention because of the animal welfare aspect and the celebrities who have declared their stand on it. We in Zoomanity are happy to be able to offer a win-win solution to this long- standing controversy." - Zoomanity Group. 

My kids and Mali last month at Manila Zoo

Mali is the talk of the town and reached International celebrities. Check out what our local celebrities have to say when I asked them about their comment about the move to Zoobic Safari.

Carlos Celdran ( Manila Chief of Tourism and Famous Manila Tour guide)
"Im happy that there are so many people who cares about Mali."

Bert Guevarra (Earth Day Network Philippines President)
Even people need to reconnect with nature; much more for Mali who hasn't been out of his cage for years. He needs a vacation.

Chuckie Dreyfus (Actor)
I don't mind as long as Mali can get better care and attention there. He needs to have ample space to roam and hopefully other elephants too.”

Ian Angelo King (Hotelier)
Mali is old and transporting her might put her in shock. I think the people at the zoo know what they are doing and she belongs there. “

Ana Santos (Entrepreneur- Picture City)
As long as there's a guarantee moving him won't cause Mali any distress, am fine with it.”

Robert Yupangco, Aileen Dreyfus, Chuckie Dreyfus, Sid Laforteza and Grace Bondad Nicolas at Residence Inn, Tagaytay

Kids at Paradizoo. 8 hectares development under Zoomanity Group

Zoobic Safari cub at Subic, Zambales

Zoocolate Thrills welcome pavilion at Loboc, Bohol 

Magic Expose Josephine Escovidal, Robert Yupangco and me at Residence Inn, Tagaytay

Zoomanity Group is now arranging and planning the safe transport, preparation for total care and getting ready for Mali. According to the recent news, Mali will stay at Zoobic Safari for 1 and a half years while the Manila Zoo is being rehabilitated and renovated. It's another milestone for the former President of the Philippines now incumbent Mayor Joseph "Erap" Estrada.

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