Monday, August 12, 2013

PAMANA: A legacy? ( A musical on Ninoy and Cory )

Whatever will be the objective of this show, whether to bring up again what happened to the former Senator of the Republic, Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino who was killed on the tarmac, wearing white, only to be drenched in blood. After his death, a bloodless revolution followed suit - the bright sea of yellow became the conclusion of the Marcos regime and the rise of the wife and became the first woman president of the Philippines.

THE FILIPINO PEOPLE IS WORTH DYING FOR? United as one. An event that will not happen again. Everyone gathered to witness the lady who gave us freedom and democracy?. Mahirap o Mayaman, Mangmang o Propesyonal. Nagsamasama. What heppened next? 

My Dad, a nationalist and always telling to us to love thy neighbor and to respect the country we live in, always telling us stories about this then Senator who was willing to die for the sake of his country. I remember, I was in Grade 6 then, when Ninoy died and the little Kris was campaigning together with his brother now the most powerful man in the Philippines. There are so many stories, conflicting stories but whatever happened, the end is, what happened after that.

As the country commemorates the 30th anniversary of Ninoy's death, the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation (NCAF), Indie.Go Media and the Philippine Educational Theater Association Inc. (PETA) team up to stage "PAMANA," the country's first docu-musical yet.

As writer Rody Vera said. "It does not only pay tribute to Ninoy and Cory themselves, for while their lives are exemplary, admirable and inspiring as they are, their greatness can only be complete and total if the power of their legacy touches the lives of millions of their countrymen."

After 2009, what happened? This is me taking pictures, checking events if there's a difference.

Instead of having actors portray Ninoy and Cory in a play, "PAMANA" recreates the presence of Ninoy and Cory through documentary footage, images and sound bytes projected on oversized screens.

"PAMANA" thus looks back at the last 30 years through three pivotal characters whose individual experiences shaped their own interpretation of the story.

The story of Ninoy and Cory is narrated by an old unassuming street sweeper, Lola Azon (Malou de Guzman), who witnessed first-hand Ninoy's funeral and the unfolding of protests that would become the historic People Power Revolution.

The time of the revolution allows Lola Azon to witness the Filipino people's struggle for freedom which becomes instrumental to her own change of heart.

Her own son Edgar (Jett Pangan) experiences disillusionment which drives him to seek a better life in another country. He leaves his daughter Trina in the care of Lola Azon and the latter grows up knowing him only in virtual space.

My sister Odessa with me at Sucat. Just like to be part of History. Now, what's next? 

Trina (Kakki Teodoro) is a typical teenager. One fateful day she is asked by her Lola to go to the wake of Corazon Aquino to deliver a letter. She is overwhelmed by what she sees -- overflowing love and respect shown by the people for the former President. She begins to ask questions and those questions prod her to a journey of discovering her love for her country, the desire for change and the passion to be the instrument of that change.

Also joining Pangan, Teodoro and de Guzman is a powerhouse ensemble of professional theater actors together with the members of Viva Voce.

"PAMANA" will be staged at the Meralco Theater on August 21 (7pm), August 22 (8pm) and on August 24-25 (3pm and 8pm).

Here are the ticket prices per area:
Balcony side and center - php 350
Loge side and center - php 800
Orchestra side level 1 and 2 - php 1200
Orchestra center - php 2500

For further details, call PETA Theater Center at numbers 725-6244 or 09064817333. Tickets are also available through Ticketworld at 891-9999 or visit

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