Monday, August 19, 2013

10 Blogging Best Practices

As a PR myself and at the same time part of the media (online and print), I worked at Philippine Information Agency as Regional Media Coordinator (It is part of the Communication arm of the President of the Philippines), I came across with these practices from different media practitioners. Whether you like it or not, these are the things that is really happening and some of these practices are not only for bloggers but to those who are seeking to get them as media partner..the companies represented by Public Relation Officers. Let's give the credit where the credit is due. Check out my 10 Blogging Best Practices.

Companies I represent are expecting for an output. As a PR, I need to deliver what is due and as a Blogger, I need to write a good content.

1. Don't advertise two same products of competing companies at the same time (week,month) if you are still committed with the other. -- It's common sense, how can you promote or campaign two competing products? It's like how can you work with two competing companies. We must know that, it's not about the quantity of post or products we are promoting, it's the quality and our good relationship with these companies we are protecting. e.g. Promoting two Pizza Companies is like promoting two boxers inside the ring. 

Don't advertise two same products of competing companies at the same time. 

2. Choose only invites where you are interested so that you will write about it, PR are expecting an output for media mileage. -- We can't enjoy all events and we definitely can't write all especially if there's 5 invites within a day. PR chose us with only one thing in mind, media mileage. They are expecting an output as soon as possible after the event, it's a task too required for them by their companies. It's definitely work and an automatic expected output. We truly are excited to write about the events or products we like so to prevent a bad reputation like for bloggers who just attend events but doesn't write about it, just go to events you definitely like to write about. 

You can attend all events and go around the world but I suggested to go to events you are passionate to write about. 

3. Focus on the niche to have a brand--you can attend all events but make sure, you have the right blogs where to write them. e.g. Writing a food article to your gadget blog where you have specific readers. 

Lloyd Luna is known as the Inspirational Blogger, me for EmpoweredGrace, Tony Ahn as PR, Rod Magaru as Lifestyle Blogger and The VoiceMaster Pocholo De Leon Gonzales

4. Have Integrity, start with a real profile picture and always RSVP, don't gate crash, PRs are counting how many are coming because of the availability of venue, food to prepare and compensation. If you did RSVP, please be on time and be there. Most of the time, Presscon or events are invitational, If you commit to attend, please be there or cancelled the invite two days in advance so that the slot will be given to other blogger. 

Your profile picture is your ID and could be your brand

5. Be unique, avoid a content copycat. -- You went to the event or you checked the products, so share your observation, whether it's good or bad, anyway, it's a review. Press Releases can just give us the comprehensive information or details but it's still best to have your own review based on your experienced. 

6. Don't be a hog--It's still customarily for PR to give a token but don't ask for more unless there's an open negotiation. The Blogging community still doesn't have a strong standards for compensation. Though Compensation must be given especially if the company will use the bloggers as their marketing partners. Bloggers on the other hand are Online Journalist not affiliated mostly with companies unlike reporters or writers from leading networks. For bloggers same as salaried reporters/writers,  there's effort, there's transportation cost, there's allotted time to write about the event/product/services and there's definitely expenses. A nice compensation as marketing partner must be given to these bloggers and as bloggers, they must do their part. 

Companies have a budget for marketing, let's just give what is due. For Bloggers, write a good content.

7. Do your part--Maximize your Social Networks; Tweet, Post at FB, IG the event you attended. Public Relations Officers are usually part of the companies Marketing team. If the blogger commit to attend or participate, as much as possible, being a Social Media practitioner must disseminate information to all networking sites.  

Talk about it on Twitter, mention at Facebook, make it viral at Youtube or share photos at Instagram.

8. Don't talk badly against the PR, everyone's unique, do your thing, it's business to the companies, be professional. If you did, don't expect you are still in their mailing list. Also, the netizens know each other, bad mounting for sure will reach the destination and it will ruin your reputation. 

At Gardenia Bread Philippines Inc with the Public Relations Managers. The company sponsored most of my events and meetings. It's about relationships. 

9. Honesty--your online self must be your offline self. What you're doing or talking outside the computer world must be what you're writing or texting too. Definitely, especially if you are projecting to be somebody you are not online, overtime or for sure, because of word of mouth and because online is the extension of our offline life, it will be reveal. It's easy to be honest than to lie. Be yourself. 
                                                                                           Meeting offline with online friends

10. Give the credit where credit is due.-- cite sources. For legal purposes and as a good netizen. Write down where you copy a nice article and acknowledge the writer for the good work. If its a Press Release, cite the source. 

The future is Digital Marketing whether we like it or not, it's the technology that drives us to this fast paced age. In just a minute the product could be up or down depending on the strategy or content not really about the demand because the demand usually is the cause of the marketing. The Blogging Community must continue to work hand in hand in a common ground, give and take with ethics as the foundation or just a plain....common sense.  

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