Friday, February 18, 2011



Dear Pnoy,

   I know it is hard to be the President of the Philippines, specially with platforms such as removal of corruption from the government. For many years now, the country have been subdivided to differnt culture, religion and points of view, primarily because of poverty and the low quality of life which is obvious from the amount of illegal settlers all around the city, kids begging for alms in the middle of the road and rampant violence such as carnapping, snatching, killings and economy.

   With this receint incident about the former Secretary of energy Angelo Reyes who surprised the nation with his public suicide infront of his mothers tomb and the hottest issue for women which is dropping the Reproductive Health Bill as one of your priority bill, i can imagine the headaches, heartaches and stressed. When you get the former senator mar Roxas as one of your adviser, your countrymen cant help but think if it is a wise decision or was it just returning a favor for him giving a way for your candidacy? I saw also the former senator Webb in one of your gatherings and obviously he supported your candidacy then a sudden turrnaround of events when the son, Hubert Webb, for 15 years behind bars is now a free man. Lets go back to returning the favor, We, the filipino people elected you, we checked your difference from other candidates and with a former president mom and a hero dad, what shall we say, you have the name and it is in your blood, we elected you.

   With your new and expensive cars, we cannot blame you for having those, you are rich, bachelor and with a hachienda and like an unico hijo, you can afford to buy those. But the question is not about the capacity to pay but the right time for showing off. In this community where a lot of families have been relocated with a median of 6 children per family with parents who doesnt have work, having those extra ordinary cars is too much to bear. How can you be happy driving that when you can see a child walking without slippers, mud in his feet and raining without umbrella, as our leader, dont you think it is your responsibility to eliviate us from poverty? Its been nine months since you becme our new leader, you are different from all of them.

   I am a woman, an empowered one, have lots of complaints because of the truth that I can tell to everyone. I am not afraid because I believe that the truth will set us all free. I am supporting the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill because i dont want to see my fellow women wicked and abused, If I can be independent, I know they can too. I believe of saving lives of my countrymen will help us to have a good quality of life, if not in my lifetime, I am hoping for my children time. I experienced to offered work to my community but without any government position, I dont know why they stopped me. Do I need to have a position to help? I am confused Pnoy. And with all the problems of our country, I am sure you are too.

   I have three kids and my husband and I are both working hard to give them a nice future and yet the money we received is ust enough for our everyday life, i am thinking how much more with those family with 6 to 8 children and the salary per day is just equal to one slice of cheesecake from the famous coffee shop. I understand you Pnoy, It is hard to bear all the burdens which supposed to be not yours. But you meditated, you campained, you tried hard to get elected and now, as the most powerful man in the philippines, what is the feeling? Is it hard to admit that RH Bill can help or might help the philippines to progress, might give us quality life, might give my children better education and life in the future, might be the solution for our overgrowing population, could prevent abortion, with a choice between natural and modern method to get pregnant and most of all for that 69% who agrees to all of this, they are the ones who voted you and you said, we are your boss. It's the first time in the history of this country to hear that magic word, us, a part of the majority of the population, your Boss? nice to hear but Pnoy, please we understand your situation, but prove it..that we are yoour boss, majority of us.

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