Sunday, February 20, 2011


   Fourteen years and still with a dimple and sweet smile on his face, I can still recall the first time I saw him. Eighteen years ago, with a striped shirt and I hate the color, with fit denim jeans and sunglasses covering his small and fragile face, I was peeking and with faster heartbeats than the usual, for the first time, he is here, eye to eye and I am just 19 years old. The subject was Chemistry and I hhate science. Sitting in as we called it before, waiting for me while the professor seriously discussing while my mind is somewhere else.

   I believe that the happiest day in every single woman is when somebody is courting you or have a relationship with someone you love. The feeling? the most beautiful girl on earth. You always wants to dress well, with perfume or cologne whenever going out with him, the way you talk is different, cannot go out without a comb, lipstick and cellphone inside your best bag. The feeling is unbelievable and wonderful or better be the word is amazing. He is the man of your dream and every single moment, whenever he is with you, there's magic in the air, you feel that nothing is impossible and with him, you feel so secured.

   That was then, and for all those years with three precious babies, some political no career, engineering practices, stagemom, student servant and a lot of complaints with the reality which people still cannot accept change. Love is still in the air. Yes, theres a contract, through thick and thin, for richer and for poorer. Though the ones with thin and poorer made us fight, at the end, love is still what we have.

   Things all through out the years might have some changes, but the best thing that ever happened is having three precious babies. With a POS or Policystic Ovarian Syndrome, because of science and american dream, they are here. Life in this world is short but with your loveones, nothing seems impossible, even life forever. Character and attitude are what counts to me, there might be a lot of destructions but with husband, so responsible and loving like mine, everything will fall into its proper places. Truly love conqueres all, I believe, I have lots of faith with possibilities and possitiveness. I love life specially with people who loves me.

   I am so fortunate to have a family like mine. My parents, the foundation and basis of all my decisions and judgements never fail me. Without all of them, I will be lost, a little misunderstood for so many ways because of the changes I want to do, breaking the norms, spilling the beans and putting everything in a transparent condition. Just like my parents, who will fight for the truth, my kids are excemptional, smart and witty plus talented artist. i am very blessed with a lot of things, it might not be material fortunes but mine is the best. Love from my family and the best family in the whole world. With a husband who always supporting me, nobody but him can control me, can love me, can do anything for me and trully will stay with me no matter what, nobody but him.

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