Friday, February 4, 2011


   I am always fascinated with new inventions, technology, changes, designs and engineering. With taller skycrapers like the Eiffel tower in France, Empire State Building in New York City and once the tallest buildings where I once been, The World Trade Center or Twin Towers at Wall Street, New York City.

  Depending on the storeys or levels of floors, the reinforcement bars or steel defformed bars varies from 9 millimeter to 30,40 millimeter and so on. The ratio and proportions of aggregates, cement and water must always be exact as per the standards of the engineering industry for quality, stability and strength of materials.

   When the September 11 attack happened from once untouchable first world country, a lot of people even americans stunned, surprised and angry. Never in their imagination that faithful day will happened. Changes has been made with the security, way of living, standard of living, recession, decrease of employment, value of money and closing of stores surrounding from the ground zero. From New Jersey, the smoke is sill visible, while the Hudson River separating the two cities for almost a year is the only way or connection for transportation.

   When the plane directly went towards the building, it became a missile. The evil doer is smart enough to think to use the american owned means of transportation to give fear to a lot of innocent people. The towers collapsed due to heat. The reinforcement bars from below melted from the impact of the plane with fuel that becomes a bomb. With careful and sensitive planning for years, the terrorist succeed. It's the same thing with the construction of any buildings whether its one storey or bungolow type or with multiple levels. Careful planning and dedication is needed to make one project a success.

   The Chrysler building is magnificent for its unique design. The crown like top is exceptional and will never be forgotten. That is why in every movie where New York City is the place, that building is always captured. I am always amazed with the architectural designs just like the George Washiton Bridge that connecting New Jersey and New York City. While the Lincoln Tunnel in the city made me think how they did it, knowing its below the water level of the Hudson River.

   There is no impossible with correct materiials available, anything have an alternative with same quality and value. There is always curing time in every masonry work or even painting job. The process must always be in accordance with the specific design or else, there gonna be backjobs, reworks or worst, redo. Quality has many benefits, both with the end user and the designer. Both will have satisfaction and the expected result will be deliver on time. the manpower of the oganization must also be cooperative, no matter how great or good the designer is, without good pool of people, all he hardwork and years of studies will considere be as void. Skilled Manpower is the asset of the company and must be treated with respect, continous education to be updated with the technology and modernization and must always be objective and with one goal, to deliver the job with quality.

   If we will talk about curing time, it is easier to do a one storey level or bungolow type. The curing time will be for the flooring and wall that are made of concrete with mortar plastered. For the one family residential, the project will last for a maximum or three months while for the two level floors, because of the second floor concrete slab, it will be finished for six to eight months. For every level of floors means the curing time will be long, usually 21 days if finished at the same time to start the first step for painting works.

This is a simple views about constructing buildings. In laymans terms and with simple explanations. It is very important to know the correct measurements of materials to be use for a certain work, the correct ratio of proportions of aggregates, cement and water and some safety measures to reduce accidents while at work. The manpower is very essential for the success of the project and must be all skilled to reduce the reworks that could only give delays and disatisfaction for all the concern individuals. Total Quality Management is a must and with this, surely, this is what those designers of the tallest and beautiful buildings all around the world has been applied.

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