Friday, February 4, 2011


This is the only question that keeps on bugging me wherever I go. My Dad told me not to share my experience but the scientific method that I used not to mention the amount I spent to have my three precious babies are already need to be consider.

   We all know that Science and religion will never be in the same side, like Government and the Church. Sometimes poeple incorporated Science, Fertilization, Conception to Reproductive Health Bill. They question God, Scientist and the bad part is not in  laymans terms which the target market is only the minorities and who are they? Those minds who thinks that they were the best of the best and the logic will always keeps them in a safer side. The educated minorities.

    Books are good but people must also consider that mostly they are research, theories and experiments. One priest considered using a condom as a sin and masturbating. Is it not natural to masturbate specially if you dont have any partner with you? Mostly even those who are married do that, what more if that somebody is single? I even saw him kissed a girl. Liar. I am not talking in general because it is the same as everyone else, everyone has flaws and obviously not perfect. Human Beings. Nature whether you like it or not. Hypocrisy.

Organism, oh yes organism, but we are talking about human life not just any kind of organism. These human life will have feelings, conscience and has the ability to love. Lets talk about worms. Yes they are important because of the ecology. The circle of life when one needs another. The question is, Does worm is the same as the human beings? Certainly not.

  I love to meet a lot of different people with different views, i am fortunate to talk to both sides and observe, learn and know their own flaws, hypocrisy, integrity and just being human. What is the essence of a human? Maybe this is the question that two sides need to answer.

  I experienced being in a Mount Sinai Hospital In New York City with the best Doctors and the Best Health Plan. The doctor even asked me to do some experiments on me because of  life and death, but I declined. If you know Celine Dion, We have the same situation. Experienced is better than books.

I have two Godfathers who are with different points of view , the former Senator, Former  Laguna Governor and Former DILG Secretary Joey David Lina and the incumbent Senator Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos III. One is against from the passage of Reproductive Health Bill and the other one is supporting. I am lucky to have both sides with my family, so honest to tell me for what is right and their different views.

   My view?(before I read my endocrinologist view) When does life begins. As a human being, this is when the egg and the semen meet then fertilized. It will have heartbeats and I experienced to have four heartbeats at the same time inside my tummy. Salt, yes it is. To save the few. Thats when I experienced hell, literally without anesthesia, twice. That was my choice. is it a sin? Reproductive Health bill is all about  CHOICE. It's about thinking what is good for you and for the whole human beings. If this law will passed and there where going to be corruption, that will be another story. RH bill didnt tell us that this will be the solution but rather MIGHT be one of the solution because our government cannot support everyone in need. Work is not equal to people. Yes compare it to China. The difference? It is a communist country unlike in Philippines with kanya kanya system and corruption is rampant. China based from Sen. Joey Lina is populated but they all have work. Investors went there because of the tax, low salary for workers and if no is moderated.

   My new view and stand and answer to the question " When does life begins?", Its a subjective and could answer or defines by different authorities philosphycally,   morally, religiously or liberally. It depends on the perception, culture and tradition of the receiver of this question. I would go with my endocrinologist point of view which is liberally, its after 24 weeks of gestation, when there is already a fetal vitality. Morally and in Religious point of view its when theres a fertilized egg or after the ovulation period.

  I cant help but being sad, disappointed and smile at the same time. We elected the best from the best but how come they cannot solve this. I dont want to start about the Environment with all the Republic Acts and Climate Change. One step at a time, will someone who is smart, has power, has the best lawyer, has the best advisers, has all the money in this world do something.

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