Wednesday, February 16, 2011


   IARCWFMPC, an acronym for Imok ARC Women and Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative located in Barangay Imok, Calauan, Laguna. With a population of less than 600 families and voting population of less than 200, this barangay, the highest point in the municipality of Calauan with farming as the main source of income.  De Los Reyes is one surname who owns some of the largest amount of land in that area and farmers with dirt, horses and still poor are waiing for some blessings that they think is what is just due for them. This place is called as Special Agrarian Reform Community (SARC) specially classified as PEACE DEVELOPMENT ZONE.

  A woman, tall, pretty, dark and slim is very known for her fight against corruption, justice for fellow farmers and a leader of different organizations. She is smart and is showing from the words, issues and informative answers. For almost a year now, she is known for her integrity, when she was also behind bars with now an elected senator and even an elected national government official with a controversial coconut house offered work for her but she declined. There are only two people in this world, one with integrity and one who doesnt.

  Because of hardwork and skill to communicate, the Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA)  on  Coco Coir Processing Project for Imok ARC Women and Farmers’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative (IARCWFMPC )  was discussed and signed on July 23, 2010. It was attended by the Chairperson of the said cooperative, its selected members and Emma Alanguilan, Development Facilitator (DF) of  said barangay.

   PARO Fritzi explained that the funds  for the training should be used as it is written and directed. She also noted that the cooperative will be trained in coco coir processing for them to start an agri-business enterprise on their own and right now, producing tons of products and they have a direct person marketing the output. This is first in the municipality with five free new machines for the project and since coconut is one of the resource in this area, some eco-friendly materials has been produced and ready to show the whole philippines all about it.
   They are still producing "Walis" for the cooperative but this help from DAR gave them hope for the future of their children. Majority of the population is poor and because of the leadership of one smart woman, the cooperative have one source of income. The products since made from coir dust are alternatives for plastics which is not advisable to use nowadays because of the long term decomposition and is hazardous to our only environment. With the machines from DAR and effort of the cooperative, these are yet not enough for the the production area is still without concrete flooring. The production area which is also the training site started with a mixture of "kayakas ng niyog" and galvanized iron sheet, 60 square meters in floor area and cocnut columns are all solicited. Today the roofing is fully made of galvanized corrugated sheet.
  Products produced are Coco pot, coco twine, christmas ornaments and coco log sheet, all made of coconut coir dust. The cooperative is looking for sponsors for the floring they need for the production site and if possible an extension of roof for the stocks. Nothing has been put into waste from raw materials to finish products. An eco friendly output and a livelihood program for the cooperative.

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